So happy I found this site, it will save me a ton of time searching for things that are all right here under my nose. Why I didn't find this before, have no idea. Sure I won't be a newbie for long, I do like to blab, so you all will have to excuse me, am a writer at heart and really should be working on my novel instead of doing this, but that can wait 'til 2AM. Would be really interested in hearing from other Mainers, as well as those with health issues, and anyone with Interstitial Cystitis (a bladder disease, hub has). Know this is not a health related site so to speak, but diet is important and therefore recipes are super important, especially those that take us away from boxed, manufactured foods. There are many of us out there who are sensitive to the chemicals nowadays, and it is good to see you all striving to conquer that issue. Can't wait to get my hands dirty! Glad to meet you all, you will grow weary of me very quickly, feel free to tell me to shut up!