Smoky Chicken and Rice
chicken, pre-cooked
celery, chopped
onion, chopped
long grain rice
chicken broth
liquid smoke

The night before: cook and debone your chicken, if you're using a whole chicken, otherwise cook chicken breasts or use canned chicken. Also saute the celery and onion in butter. Adjust quantities accordingly to the servings needed. Put all in an air tight container and refrigerate for the trip.
At the campground: follow directions for cooking long grain rice. For every cup of rice use two cans of broth or roughly two cups of chicken stock from the night before. Add the onion, celery, and chicken at this time. This allows the chilled ingredients to warm through while the rice cooks. Here's the secret ingredient: add a couple drops of liquid smoke. More, if your making more rice. Use about two drops per cup of rice, and adjust to taste. You don't want the liquid smoke to overpower everything. Once the rice is done, that's it, you're finished. Eat and enjoy!