Ha! I am trying again! This is my third attempt hahaha.
Ok, here goes.
My name is Linda. My husband and I live in a sleepy little town in Ontario Canada. The shore of the river is right at our door, almost. In the spring, it gets much closer, lol flooding and all, got it?
Anyhow, I like doing crafts. I am a rubber stamper and make greeting cards.
Christmas is quickly approaching and like many others we're on a strict budget. I've decided I'm going to do some gifts in a jar for my sisters, brother and friends. Lucky for me he likes to cook too
There is a lot to look at here. I haven't been able to find where I enter my mailing address of do my profile.

I'm looking forward to searching for recipes and other ideas. Oh! I'm looking forward to meeting new people as well. Men need not apply LOL.
Have a great day,