In Sugar Detox: How to Overcome Sugar Addiction NOW and for the Rest of Your Life, you will discover what sugar addiction really is, what a sugar detox means and what it involves, and why you might want to consider doing one.

In this book you will learn how to cut back on sugars in your food and ways to make better food choices that will improve your health--sometimes dramatically:

Take a quiz on sugar addiction to find out if you are hooked on sugar
Finally understand the differences between simple carbs and complex carbs, good carbs and bad carbs, and high carbs and low carbs - in everyday language
Discover where sugar hides in all the foods you eat
Understand the benefits of conducting your own sugar detox
See lists of healthy foods to buy
Receive a FREE download for a grocery list you can take to the store
Know what to expect during a detox so you can be prepared
Discover how to conquer sugar cravings
Plan how to eat out in restaurants successfully
Enjoy using a list of additional resources to help you discover programs, books, and recipe books that will help you eliminate sugars now and for life
Check out the delicious recipes at the end of the book, including a FREE download of the recipes to print out for ease of use

Written in a conversational style that makes the information easy to understand, you will learn all about a sugar detox through colorful charts and helpful topics.

So what are you waiting for? Purchase your copy of Sugar Detox NOW and start discovering how to improve your health right away. Knowledge is powerful and you can take control of your health with this valuable resource.

Sugar Detox