Name:  Santa-Pants-Sytle-Candy-Bag1.jpg
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Size:  6.2 KBToday, November 18 at 10PM EST, CROV will be giving away a limited number of FREE Santa Pants Sytle Candy Bags. I'm sharing this one because I share all that I can find, but quite frankly, it's not worth the effort or the chance of security issues.

This Offer goes live at 10PM EST.

1. Before flash giveaway, you can click the photo of each product to know more about the rules.
2. Finish three steps

  • You Must be a Fan
  • You must sign in with them with Your Facebook Account (RED FLAG).
  • You Must share the giveaway

Oh, as if that wasn't inconvenient enough, they're having an "issue" with their FB App (a good reason NOT to sign in using it!!) and tell you that you should send them a screenshot to get the item at a discount instead of for FREE).

3. Then If you've followed all of those PIA steps, you can visit their site at 10 pm and attempt to get the item by clicking the "Grab it Now" button.

4 Days Flash Giveaway