List Price: $62.99 Deal Price: $14.99 You Save: $48.00 (76%) The hottest new magician Criss Angel plays mind tricks on his audiences all over. He was voted magician of the century! People love his shows in Las Vegas. Have you ever wanted to know how he does his tricks and mind games? Now you can! The Criss Angel Mindfreak Magic Kit has over 250 rticks and illusions that will blow you away. Tricks such as Floating Napkin, Rising Card, Water From Dollar, Silk Vanish, and Rising Ring are some of his popular tricks. You will learn those and more with this kit! The Kit comes with 250 tricks and the instructional DVD. This kit is perfect for a gift or yourself! People of all ages are learning the illusions of Criss Angel from kids to adults! Get yours today and amaze your friends! Expires Nov 25, 2013

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