I discovered Budget 101 from a Facebook post about 'Moms Super Laundry Sauce' and followed the link. I'm a stay-at-home mom of one daughter (age 14), a husband, a cat, two guinea pigs, and a beta fish. All of my friends know me as a super saver shopper and do-it-myself type of mom.

I read about the laundry and dishwasher sauce and immediately went out, bought all the stuff, and made some for everyone. We love it! My best friend, who gave me the nick-name of MomGyver, works as a hairstylist where they go through a ton of laundry soap. She took a batch of the DYI laundry sauce to work and says it works great on all the towels full of chemicals! Her boss will love the savings!

My batches of laundry sauce turned out perfect with the cook and no-cook methods, but I had trouble with the dishwasher sauce. It works well, but consistency and separation have been an issue. Is there a page on here for troubleshooting what may have happened so the next batch is perfect?

I'm glad I found this site and appreciate all the hard work that was put into it for everyone to save lots of money. Saving money is one of my favorite hobbies! Thanks!