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Wireless Bluetooth

The Planet Audio PB252Y connects wirelessly to your mobile device for cable free listening. By pairing your phone or any other Bluetooth device you will be able to enjoy your music without being tethered by a cable. This allows you to keep your mobile device with you and place the speaker up to 33 feet away and still enjoy your music.

Auto Pairing

Once an initial setup is completed with the Bluetooth enabled device, it will automatically connect when the units are in range. So now when you come back into your room, office, dorm, etc., the Lynx Bluetooth speaker will automatically connect so all you have to do is press play and your music will start playing on the speaker.

Hands Free Calling

A built in microphone allows for hands free calling on all models. Now you can take the Lynx Bluetooth Speakers with you and have a hands free calling device for the office, dorm room, bedroom, outside, etc. Have both hands free while working on the computer and taking a call, or when traveling and in a hotel room. Anywhere you want to make a hands free call you can with the Lynx Bluetooth Speakers.

Long Range Connection

Lynx Bluetooth speakers have a wireless range of up to 33 feet (10 meters). This range that allows you to still listen to your music even when you and your source unit (phone) go to another room. You are no longer tethered to keep your phone where your speaker is. This will allow you to write emails on your phone on the couch while having the speaker across the room, playing your music.

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Track & Volume Control

FF/RR from your mobile device or from the Lynx speaker. This feature allows you to change tracks even if the source unit (phone) is not nearby. Control volume from your mobile device or from the Lynx speaker, even if the source unit (phone) is not nearby.

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USB Charging

Charges via a USB 2.0 to Micro USB cable. Just plug the included cable into your computer, or any USB charger and the unit easily charges. It can even be charged in the car using USB.

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Connect to any media source that utilizes a 3.5 mm connection. Older iPods, computers, Airport Express, CD players, and more can be connected utilizing the 3.5 mm Auxiliary input.

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USB Cable Included

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