List Price: $41.52 Deal Price: $9.99 You Save: $6.37 (76%) Wilson Jones 363 Heavy Duty Round Ring View Binder with Extra Durable Hinge, 1", White, 4 Pack

Durable three ring view binder is ideal for storing and organizing important papers.

Wilson Jones Heavy Duty View Binders are made from polypropylene, a neutral plastic that is extremely durable. These white, 1" binders each hold 200 sheets and last ten times longer than a comparable binder made of vinyl. Polypro is PVC Free and recyclable. The clear view covers and spine offer endless customization options. Insert colorful cover sheets, custom artwork, comic strips, photos and more.

When you are looking for a binder that will last, Heavy Duty is the easy choice. Traveling back and forth from school, work and home can be rough on the things in your backpack or briefcase, jostling your supplies around. A Heavy Duty Binder keeps papers safe and protected so the time you spent organizing doesn't go to waste. This convenient 4-pack provides the binders you need for each class or project.

Special Features

  • Strongest, Customizable Polypro Covers
  • Never-Gap Rings
  • Extra Durable Hinge
  • 2 Pockets
  • 1-year Performance Guarantee

Expires Nov 21, 2013

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