Imagine that, and at my age too! Just kidding. I am a Nana (myNana to use their words)

I live with my husband and my daughter, and her two daughters (hence, Nana). I support the whole bunch, and on a restaurant manager's wages. Not much! My daughter receives food stamps, and I am trying to teach her how to make them go farther than they do right now. We are trying to find a home to rent that has a backyard so we can start a garden next year. I am confident we can have our monthly bill for 5 under 200/month. With the garden, and a freezer, and a stop or two to the local butcher to stock said freezer, all we have left is to learn how to can, dehydrate, and vacume seal! We have a few gadgets of our own, and I am looking forward to teaching my granddaughters how to use them!! I have the dehydrater, and they love fruit roll-ups. Imagine their faces when they make their own!! I also have an old fashioned crank pure-er (?) for making applesauce! My husband just received a handy slicer, which will also be put to good use! Now I need to locate an apple corer!...on to searching out these recipes!