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    Smile Newbie, MoniV saying Hello Everyone!!

    Hello All, I am officially saying Hi~ This is me this evening, busy as a bee... Sunday night, we took my 7 yr old Grandson out to a Halloween neighborhood event, went shopping for the weeks lunches, came home packed a whole bunch of strange things and interesting jars into a bag to take to work tomorrow (we are having a decorating contest and my group has decided to make our work area witch alley. Friday after work I made a chicken wire framed oven that measures 3.5ft in each direction in the corner of a cubicle, then paper mache'd the entire thing so that it will be ready to paint tomorrow after work. I have an opening in the front of the oven for a monitor I am going to put a loop of a fire burning onto).
    Yesterday I started to create a walking stick for a friend's husband only to discover that the stick I had ordered was not what had arrived, so instead of just whittling pieces of the bark to bare wood so I could draw on it, I ended up having to strip the whole stick, break out the dremel and sand down all the knot holes and hand sand the rest of it before I could stain it today to be able to seal it tomorrow evening. I will finally be able to draw on it Tuesday evening, and then seal it again to have it ready by Thursday. It was supposed to be ready by tomorrow, so this is not my happy Determined, but not tickled.

    So, as you can see, I am a pretty busy girl most of the time, doing one thing or another.

    My husband and I have both had gastric bypasses, mine 3.5 yrs ago and his 1.5 months ago. We have just changed our eating to Paleo so that is a new exciting adventure; what can we eat, where to find it.

    I like to draw Zentangles and doodles to relax and I love a good strong cup of fresh roasted coffee. I rarely ever say this much at once as I am on my tablet 90% of the time instead of sitting down at my computer.

    I am finished rambling now. I am excited to join this group as it looks very active and just up my alley in interests!

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    Default Re: Newbie, MoniV saying Hello Everyone!!

    Hello and welcome to Budget101!
    Tons of money saving information, general advice, great tips, outstanding recipes, and many categories of menus.
    Looking forward to your input.
    Enjoy and best wishes!

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    Default Re: Newbie, MoniV saying Hello Everyone!!

    Wow you are one busy lady. I am happy you joined.



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