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Archie Riverdale Rescue
Gogii Games Corp.
Genre: Games
Release Date: July 17, 2013

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"Fresh take on our favorite classic, TONS of creative options and exclusive content!" -Appoday

Archie and his pals need YOU to help rescue Riverdale! Play as Betty, Veronica, Jughead, Reggie and dozens of favorite classic comic-book characters. Personalize, decorate, make Riverdale your own - while creating new relationships and completing fun quests and interesting tasks. Loaded with original artwork and comic content you can't find anywhere else - the whole family is sure to love this fun-filled city building sim. Help save Riverdale while helping yourself to heaps of Fun! Oh and of course, you help Archie choose: Betty or Veronica ?

****** GAME FEATURES ******

* Play for free!
* Ongoing updates, content and special events so you'll never get bored
* Read bonus comic strips in-game.
* Enjoy fun, relaxing, city building sim game-play at your own pace
* Rediscover all your favorite characters as you rebuild Riverdale.
* Enjoy first appearance specials and full comics at the comic book store.
* Set characters working together to complete tasks and build relationships.
* Share with your friends and be rewarded with kisses.
* Get gardening and decorating to make Riverdale bloom!
* Play the Daily Spin to win cash and kisses.
* Check out character personalities: is your Archie an artist, romantic, jock, geek or charmer?
* Give characters a makeover with extra outfits.

** Note **

- An active internet connection is required to play

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