List Price: $320.84 Deal Price: $154.99 You Save: $125.00 (52%)Special guest deal presented by our colleagues at "I think we can all agree. There is no questioning the fact that James Franco is the dreamiest dreamy dreamerson in all of dreamland. McDreamy ain???t got nothin??? on JF. That said, admiring his perfectly angular visage on anything less than 132 inches is simultaneously pointless and unacceptable. So get yourself one of these freestanding and durable indoor/outdoor movie screens. And don???t worry about sacrificing resolution for size. It???s made of an oxford nylon reflective material, so you???ll be able to drink in every last inch of those gorgeous, giant baby browns in crystal-clear high-resolution and enriched colors. When he???s not squinting, that is." Expires Oct 25, 2013

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