List Price: $249.99 Deal Price: $119.99 You Save: $130.00 (52%)Special guest deal presented by our colleagues at "If you're anything like us, you're probably sitting around right now thinking, 'Man, I???d really like to get some good air circulating in here, but I don't want to risk losing an appendage to any dusty, whirling blades of death.' It's cool. We get it. We've had that nightmare too. Repeatedly. Just last night, in fact. And after we had dabbed away the drool and night sweats, we found this factory-refurbished Dyson AM01 bladeless table fan. It uses Air Multiplier technology to draw in and amplify air 15 times. And the airflow is fully adjustable, with 90-degree oscillation and touch tilt. You know what it can't do, though? Slice and/or dice. CHECKMATE, RON POPEIL! Check. Mate." Expires Oct 13, 2013

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