Share your homemade Halloween costume and accessory ideas with others , if you're one of the *first 50 to Enter you'll automatically receive a $5 or $10 Amazon Gift Card . . . - - Halloween Costume Submission

*To Be Eligible for Gift Cards*:

  1. Entry Must be one of the first 50 submitted First 10 Acceptable Entries receive a $10 Amazon Gift Card, first 11-50 Entries receive a $5. Gift Card
  2. Entry MUST Contain a minimum 250 word description of How to Make the Costume
  3. Entry MUST contain a Photo that you own the rights to, please do not submit copyrighted photos!
  4. All Gift Cards will be sent Via email, be careful how you enter your email address!
  5. Users May Submit Multiple Entries if desired - - Halloween Costume Submission