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Audible Alerts

Conveniently Portable

Oma Ba Movement Monitor

When ba is finally quiet it should be a relief, not a worry. At LEVANA, we know how tempting it is to check on a soundly sleeping infant over and over again — just in case. We are proud to bring you Oma the portable, battery-powered movement monitor that can easily be used everywhere you and ba go. Breathe easier knowing the LEVANA Oma will be there to help you check in a little less and relax a little more.

Sensor Detects the Slightest Movement

The Oma monitor clips snugly onto ba’s diaper and senses ba’s tiniest movements with a soft, flexible sensor at the belly button area. Because your ba is in constant contact with the sensor, it is unlikely to give a false alarm, unlike an under-the-mattress monitor. Knowing you will only be alerted if the situation is critical will help you feel more at ease during ba’s deepest sleep.

Alerts You if Complete Stillness is Detected

If the sensor detects more than 15 seconds of complete stillness, Oma will beep loudly to alert you that your attention is required immediately. Oma can also be set to detect weak and irregular movements. If abdominal movement is occurring less than 8 times per minute the movement indicator light will flash orange and a different warning tone will sound. This feature is enabled default but can easily be disabled.

Conveniently Portable

No need to disassemble and reassemble a movement monitoring system every time you head to the grandparents’ house. Oma movement monitor is compact and battery powered, so you can easily pack it up and take it with you wherever you go. Additionally, because there are no wires, Oma is safe for use in Moses baskets, bassinets, and playpens.

Quick Features

  • Audible alarm after 15 seconds of no abdominal movement
  • Portable, battery-powered monitor with no wires or cords; use anywhere ba sleeps
  • Superior clip keeps the soft sensor snug against ba’s abdomen
  • Optional weak or infrequent movement alert setting
  • Formerly Snuza go! now available from LEVANA

Expires Oct 19, 2013

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