Sunday -- chicken nuggets, brown rice, and green beans...$2.07
Monday -- Scandinavian meatball stew over pasta...$7.50
Tuesday -- chicken gumbo with rice crisps...$5.49
Wednesday -- shrimp creole over brown rice and mixed veggies...$6.99
Thursday -- chicken pot-stickers over pasta with green beans...$$2.14
Friday -- Monday's leftovers...$0
Saturday -- Tuesday's leftovers...$0
This week's total -- .19.

Only the ingredients for Monday's meal were in the mark-down bin. The chicken and shrimp meals were affordable because it was 'buy one get one free.' I always jump on those deals! LOL!
Please note that 50% of the ingredients used in this plan came from the pantry and I tried to adjust the cost according to memory. Bottom line, I saved a bundle and added ingredients to my freezer for future use!