For those who love to read and have access to a home computer: TN and AZ have digital libraries which enable you to download library materials (audio and ebook) without charge. You join your physical local library and ask for info on the digital program. You can borrow electronic materials without charge, without the hassle of returning hard copy a certain date, and with the ability to load the materials onto your ereader or iPod, MP3 player, etc., or you can read and/or listen from your computer. In some cases, you can select the period of time for which you want to borrow the resource. You can return ebooks before the due date occurs.

You agree to the TOS before joining the program. If you download to a device, you agree to erase the material when you've finished reading it or on the return date.

I download audiobooks to my iPod and listen while I'm cooking, doing dishes, scrubbing grout (borrrrrrring), and doing otherwise tedious work.

Certainly, you savvy readers know all about these programs, but I only discovered them a couple of years ago and have shared the information with everyone I know who loves to read. Think of all the commute time and gasoline you save (those of us in the middle of nowhere really appreciate the digital library service)! Once, our dog tried to eat some library hard copy. Two of the cats like to shred paper. Digital copy can save you many fees and heartache. (OK, that's a little melodramatic but you get my drift.) I hope this helps someone here!