assorted fun size or snack size candy
2/$5 get $1 UP wyb 2 L4

Colgate Max fresh toothpaste 6oz
$3.50 get $3UP L2

Prilosec OTC 42ct
$24.99 get $2 UP L2

$9.99 get $1UP L4
breathe right nasal strips 26-30ct
delsym 3oz
children's mucinex 4oz

$16.99 get $1UP L4

Bayar aspirin various
2/$12 get $2UP L4

clearbule pregnancy test kits 2-3ct
$10.99 get $1UP L2

BOG50% get $5UP wyb $20 L2
ept pregnancy test analog stick 2-3ct
uristat pak 36ct
cystex 40 ct or 7.6oz

get $8UP wyb 2 L2
american crew
tigi bed head
sebastian professional hair care

2/$6 get $2UP wyb 2 L2
dove hair care, deodorant
degree deodorant
dove or caress bard soap 2 pk or body wash
vaseline lotion 10oz

Salley Hansen pro gel nail ename or insta gel strips
$10.99 get $5UP L2

russell stover boxed candy 8.25-12 oz
whitman's sampler 7-12oz
$5.99 get $1UP L4

Halloween dvd or cd
get $1UP L4

BOG50% get $2UP wyb 2 L2
sensodyne toothpast, toothbrush, mouthwash
arm & hammer pro spinbrush 1 ct, refill, toothpaste, whitening booster
orajel oral care products

$2.99 get $2UP L2
reach manual toothbrush
colgate total advanced floss-tip or sensitive prorelief manual toothbrush 1ct

$3.99 get $1UP L2
act mouthwash
listerine mouthwas
reach dental floss 200 yd

$4.19 get $1.50UP L2
fixodent denture cleanser
scope mouthwas
glide dental floss

$2.99 get $2UP L2
crest toothpaste
oral-b manual toothbrush
scope or crest prohealth oral rinse 250ml

Speed Stick
2/$6 get $3UP wyb 2 L2

$9.99 get $2UP L2
gillette fusion proglide, mach3 sensitive or venus razor 1 ct

$19.99 get $1UP L2
Huggies various

spend $12 get $3UP L2
$4.99 Beneful, friskies, kit & kaboodle or purina dog or cat chow
BOG50% hartz pet products
10/$5.50 friskies moist cat food

Duracell various
$6.49 get $1UP L4

spend $15 get $5UP L3
25% off
dixie, mardi gras plates, bowls and napkins
ziploc storage bags or containers
nabisco crackers and cookie and grab & go 6 pk
Kraft easy cheese
hershey's or reese's minatures family bags

mentos 1.32 oz
4/$2 get $1UP L4

Campbell's soup various
$2 get $1UP L3

red bull or Alo
3/$4.98 get $1UP L2

Coke and Coke products
12 pk
3/$12 get $2UP L2

monthly deals 9/29 - 10/26

P&G spend $30 get $10UP L4
Olay skin and bath
ivory liquid hand soap or bar soap
herbal essences body wash
daisy or venus disposable razor

BOG50% get $3UP wyb 2 L4
biore skin care

2/$6 get $3UP L2

3M products
spend $30 get $10UP L2

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