List Price: $79.99 Deal Price: $41.98 You Save: $38.01 (48%) It's a construction-site showdown in the Quest for Energon! The 560 pieces in this awesome Destruction Site Devastator set let you build 9 different combinations: 1 giant robot, 4 different vehicles or 4 different robots! Build Scrapper, Drill Bit, Scavenger or Hightower as vehicles, then tear them down to rebuild them as robots. Or build one enormous Destructicon Site Devastator robot with a drill bit as one hand and a grappling claw as the other! This 9-in-1 set also includes 6 Kreon figures: Constructicon Devastator, Construction Foreman, Ironhide and 3 Construction Worker figures. Build your Transformers adventures, then tear them down to build new ones! Expires Oct 7, 2013

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