Hey guys, this is an Off Topic Post but I wanted to put the word out there anyway! A b101 member shared a cool site with us called GoFundMe, a place to get a little help financially when you're doing what you can already . . .

Our son Dylan went from being an average 'C' student in elementary and Middle school to an Honor Roll Student throughout High School who was recently invited to become a member of the National Honor Society and is already a member of the National Beta Club. Both his Junior & Senior years he has been dual enrolled in College and spent this past summer taking additional College classes at a nearby University to further his educational goals of becoming a 3rd Grade Elementary School Teacher.
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Why 3rd grade you ask? In Dylan's words, "Kids at that age are old enough so you aren't spending your all of your time providing childcare, they're eager to learn and the world is still new and exciting to them. Their eyes are bright and full of wonder at the world and they're a blast to be around. It's a great age to teach!"

Dylan is a hard-working kid who spent 2 years working with his dad in construction; mostly stripping roofs in the sweltering Southern summer heat, but for the past year and half also works 25+ hours a week at a local fast food joint, saving every penny he can for school.

Although his current school schedule lacks a class until 9 am, rather than sleeping in, he's out the door by 7 am, donating his time working as a Mentor for troubled kids at the local elementary school every morning until he has to leave for his own classes.

When he's not working he can be frequently found at the local City library tutoring other kids and young adults or at the fine arts center community theater, auditioning for the latest production.

We've set aside as much money as we can for Dylan's education and he's applied for multiple scholarships and grants, but despite his 3.7 GPA and decent SAT scores, they seem to be few and far between.

We always told the kids as long as they work hard and apply themselves, they'll be fine, but we're discovering that this isn't necessarily true!

Please help us come up with the rest of Dylan's tuition so he doesn't have to spend his first 5 years teaching for free to pay back an overwhelming amount of student loans! All donations big or small are greatly appreciated, thank you!

Check out our Page on GofundMe: http://www.gofundme.com/dylan-rocks

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