I'm jumping in on Liss's revised menu plan with a low-fat menu this week that's cheap!
Sunday -- Low Fat Lentil Soup and crusty bread with a salad: $2.97
Monday -- Chef salad...be sure to use low-fat dressing and pita chips: $5.97
Tuesday -- Low-fat slow cooker beef and black-eyed peas with corny bread: $5.07
Wednesday -- Crockpot chicken (using chicken from the freezer) and mushroom stew over pasta: $2.66
Thursday -- Green bean and tuna casserole over mashed taters: $2.97
Friday -- Breakfast for dinner...pancakes and eggs: $5.97
Saturday -- Left-over lentil soup and bread...with fake nutty buddies for desert...chocolate-covered graham crackers smeared with peanut butter: .00

Total cost this week -- $28.61!
Meals that don't get consumed for lunch go to the freezer...I'm thinking that Tuesday and Wednesday meals will go to the freezer;-D