For those who have never used it before, you do not have to have a phone in order to receive/use discounts through Target's "Cartwheel" program.
You will however need an extra facebook account.

Once you add the discount(s) to your account, you can print off a copy to take into the store with you and have scanned at checkout.

1. Visit

2. Click "sign in with facebook". FYI, you need to have popups allowed for the FB prompt to show up. And it helps if you are already logged in to the FB account.

3. Click "okay" twice. Again, use an extra account to avoid the privacy issues.

4. Once logged in, use the search bar or click browse. You can sort by clicking on "all categories".

5. Click the discount you'd like to select, then hit "add".

6. To print out the offer(s), you need to click where it says "print barcode" at the top of the page.

7. Click where it says "print" on the page that comes up and you're good to go.

Printable Coupons are generally available for 5 days or less.

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