I have several years before this starts, but my idea will need several years to finish. Graduating is a great time in a child...ahem....young adult's life and they have been given a treasure trove of knowledge to start them on their path for their future, whether it be college, trade school, military or a job. So, I thought giving the kids a treasure box, filled with gold (gold $ coins) to symbolize the knowledge they have and their new life they will be starting. Its simple, really. Go to a local craft store, get one of the remade wooden boxes, preferrably with the rounded lid, stain it whatever color you want, line the interior bottom with some felt (optional) and start adding the coins. I figure, 1 coin per month and then how ever old they will be that year, so if you start from birth and end when they are 18, that would be 7 in coins. Obviously, get the correct sized box for your needs. It would be something different for them as a graduation gift and they can use the stained box to hold other things when they finish spending all the coins...probably on their first tank of gas.