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    Default Tips-n-Tricks Cleaner Clothes

    Tips-n-Tricks: Cleaner Clothes

    Did You know...

    Most washers come with a dial that lets you wash your clothes for up to 15
    minutes. NEVER do that.
    Experts will tell you that you should not wash clothes for longer than 7
    minutes- after that, the soil "re-deposits" on the clothes and you get
    pilling and fabric wear.

    And most people add a whole *scoop* of laundry detergent when you should
    only use about a half scoop or less. So... you basically wash your clothes
    longer, thinking they'll get cleaner.

    They end up dirtier and then you add
    more detergent thinking that that's the problem.

    Wash your clothes on the shortest cycle there is & use half the detergent.
    You'll see a big difference.

    From: "Liss" <>
    Date: Tue Jun 18, 2002 3:01 pm
    Subject: Tips-n-Tricks: Cleaner Clothes

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    Default Re: Tips-n-Tricks Cleaner Clothes

    thanks for the great tip.



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