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Title: The 7 Deadly Sins of Advertising And How To Avoid Them: Small Business Marketing Books

Author: Glyn Williams

Book Details:

How would you like the ability to create effective advertising not once, but every time?

This small business marketing book gives you a step by step, proven method of the best advertising techniques to produce highly effective business advertising that will exponentially increase the sales and leads generated every single time. Even if you've never written an advert before and don't have a clue where to start.

The six-step system where you will create the perfect message, target the right people, design your perfect branding message and spend your money in the right place. That's effective advertising !

The advertising techniques covered here helped one small business generate over $50,000 in sales from a small advertising campaign and generated over $2million turnover for another.

You Will Learn:

How to say much less but generate more profit from every campaign

The Golden Rule of One - This is the cornerstone of a successful campaign and the number one reason why most advertising fails, including yours!

How to build an advertising strategyand supercharge your business marketing
The one thing that should absolutely, positively be in every advertisement you run that will increase your response by up to 30%

How to get inside your customer's mind and press their hot buttons

How to create a 'No Brainer' offer so that people just can't help but want to buy from you

How to laser target your advertising so that every penny is earning you more money and not just buying the advertising sales rep a new car!

Link: The 7 Deadly Sins of Advertising And How To Avoid Them: Small Business Marketing Books - Effective advertising and promotion techniques, business writing skills, smart tactics and branding strategy. eBook: Glyn Williams: Kindle Store

About The Author

With over 20 years experience in advertising and marketing Glyn Williams has successfully ran several enterprises including two commercial radio stations and has written thousands of commercials and advertisements. He now writes full time and specialises in business books, in particular marketing books.