Certol Medical and Dental products are not for home use and are intended for use in a professional setting. Each request is reviewed by our sales team for accuracy and relevancy before a sample is sent.

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ProView plus sample pack
ProSpray RTU Surface Disinfectant
ProSpray C-60 Concentrated Surface Disinfectant
ProSpray wipes Surface Disinfectant Towelette
ProEZ 1 Concentrated Single Enzyme Detergent
ProEZ 2 Concentrated Dual Enzyme Detergent
ProEZ foam RTU Foaming Enzyme Spray
ProEZ AW Quad Four Enzyme Detergent
Good Vibrations Concentrated Ultrasonic Cleaner
ProClense plus Instrument Detergent/Lubricant
ProLube Concentrate Instrument Lubricant
ProLube RTU Instrument Lubricant
ProWash Instrument Detergent and Cart Wash