1. Make a huge list of all the things you love about your husband,
and write it in a card.

2. Here are some ideas for your kids to make for grandparents,
teachers, neighbors and friends.

Candy Cane Heart
Fold a piece of heavy red construction paper in half. Glue a smaller
piece of pink paper to the front of the card, leaving enough red
showing around the edges to make a border. Take 2 red candy canes
leftover from Christmas (or still on sale at your local stores for a
great bargain!) and glue or tape them to the front of the card to
form a heart.

The round part of the candy canes will face each other
and the ends will meet at the bottom. Now with a glitter pen or gel
pen write Happy Valentines Day all around the candy canes, forming a
line of repeated verse. On the inside of the card, write your
sentiments and know that your recipient is going to love this
beautiful gift.

Lollipop Heart
This one is really great for the kids to give their friends at
school, and certainly more fun than one of those expensive and
ordinary boxes of cartoon cards we buy at the store. Cut 3x5 size
hearts out of red or pink heavy construction paper. On each one, make
two small slits off to the left side that will enable you to place
the lollipop sticks through.

On the right side of the heart write
Happy Valentine's Day from, your child's name. The kids will love it!

Photo Heart
Fold a piece of heavy red construction paper in half, cutting a
smaller piece of pink paper for the front just like we did with the
candy cane heart. Except this time, you will cut a small heart shape
out of the center of the pink paper, and place a photo underneath it
before gluing it to the card. Make sure to pencil the heart in on the

backside of the pink paper before cutting!

You can write Happy
Valentine's Day on the front or on the inside of the card and include
a small note about the picture if you'd like.

I Love You Heart
Follow the same basic instructions as above, but place a red heart on
a pink card and write the words "I Love You" in big bold letters in
the center of the red heart. On the inside of the card, be creative
and tell the recipient how or why you love them!

Small valentine's stickers make a great addition to any of these
cards, but you can also color in your own small hearts or designs
with markers, glitter or gel pens, and even crayons. Be creative and
give from the heart!