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Dragon Puzzle
Genre: Games
Release Date: April 10, 2013

***Play Dragon Puzzle and enjoy the best combination of gaming features for eradicating boredom: role playing, puzzle fun, intense battle, and competition! ***

Dragon Puzzle is an unique iOS game which combines Puzzle and RPG playing and set in a fantasy landscape with exciting boss battle, including more than 200 cards. This app takes you to an awe-inspiring fantasy land that is designed to feed your visual appetite and create an engaging gaming experience. Challenge yourself with each level up that pits you against some of the most evil adversaries. Don’t worry, you are not alone. You can build an arsenal of characters with a wide range of power to help you conquer each enemy you meet in your quest. You can also solicit assistance from other players for those really tough enemies. Battles, puzzles, jewels, and much, much more—you are sure to become addicted!

How to Play Dragon Puzzle:

* Choose your mission.

* Select a companion for battle.

* Strategically slide vibrantly designed jewels to match three or more and release energy to annihilate enemies who want to impede your mission.

* Eliminate all your enemies and clear your mission.

***Key Features***

· Dynamic Puzzle Play

Classic jewel sliding puzzle board with added explosions, pulsations, and other stunning effects!

· Vast Weaponry Options

Energy and power rule in Dragon Puzzle. Build up your arsenal by leveling up, enhancing your monsters, gain rare evolvers, and valuable 6-star monsters!

· Striking Characters

Advance through your missions and collect a powerful team of characters to help you in battle. Choose from more than 200 monsters, war gods, and goddesses!

· Join Forces with Other Players

Millions of online players vying for supremacy. You can also Invite friends to join you in a quest. Combine your skills to eliminate tough enemies!

· Integrated Chat System

Connect with friends via chat system. Start a private chat with one or more friends and match wits!

· User-Friendly Interface

Dragon Puzzle is a fantasy wonderland that is full of exciting options and avenues. You are guided through each step of the way!

· Online Guidance

Access online tutorial, FAQ, and tips for becoming a master of Dragon Puzzle!

Fun and excitement are yours when you join the millions of people who have entered the world of Dragon Puzzle. Download the app today and get ready for an exciting experience that you won’t ever want to leave!

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