List Price: $119.99 Deal Price: $59.99 You Save: $60.00 (50%)Special guest deal presented by our colleagues at "Do you want to join my fan club? No, not a club of fans of me. I'm nobody. I mean a club of people who get together to appreciate great fans. It will be very 'cool,' ha ha. We'll feel their breezes. We'll talk into them to make our voices sound like robots. We will discuss the merits of various fans. Fair warning: Sometimes these debates will turn violent because that's just how passionate we are about fans. But the winner will always be the Vornado 154 Whole Room Tower Fan. It moves air continuously throughout the room without the constant tease of oscillation. It has a remote and a timer up to 8 hours. Also, the base is very sturdy. It makes other fans look like garbage, and that's coming from someone who loves fans. I would tell you more, but I have to save something for the fan club meetings." Expires Jul 26, 2013

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