List Price: $79.95 Deal Price: $39.99 You Save: $10.00 (50%)Specifically designed for emergency & disaster preparedness, the KA500 offers different methods to power itself. Those methods include AC/DC adapter (not included), three AA batteries (not included), the built-in rechargeable Ni-MH battery which can be charged from the AC adapter, by hand cranking, by solar panel or by a PC, and the dynamo hand crank which not only can keep the built-in battery fully charged but also provides power for the radio even when no battery is installed. With its revolutionary design and versatile functions, it's an ideal companion for emergency preparedness purposes, outdoor activities as well as traveling. Unlike any other emergency radios previously made by Kaito, the KA500's rechargeable batteries are replaceable, extra battery packs are available for purchasing on Kaito's website. Expires Aug 1, 2013

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