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    Default Saving on Hand Soap

    I just put a bottle of liquid hand soap in the kids' bathroom (for the first
    time in a year or more -- it somehow always got opened & dumped!
    =:-O ) and thought you might like to know a trick for saving on, well,
    anything in a pump dispenser that children use indiscriminately. Take a nice thick rubber band (the kind that comes on broccoli works best -- too thick for little hands to remove and doesn't shift around) and wrap it around just under the head of the dispenser. If you fiddle with it, you can make it spit out just enough for one use with each pump.

    They use about 1/8 the amount of soap as they would otherwise.
    Date: Tue Jun 18, 2002 2:58 pm
    Subject: saving on hand soap

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    Default Re: Saving on Hand Soap

    Thank you for the great tip.



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