I got my recipe off the back of the Keebler ice cream cups(cones) box. I
made them for my sons 1st birthday for the kids and also made a cake for the
adults. It was great no clean up, except to vacum and sweep.

He also
requested these for his birthday party in Pre-K. I made a white cake mix
and had the Oreo frosting that I had bought on sale sometime. They looked
like real ice cream cones.

One kid wouldn't eat it cause he didn't like ice
cream. Even after seeing everyone else had cake in theirs. I used the name
brand cup cakes because I felt they would hold up better in the oven and

If I remember correctly, I used the colored ones the first time but
they chipped and such. The vanilla ones looked better against the frosting.
Good luck and I hope the party is a good one.
Cindy in OK

Kooky Cupcakes
Make approx. 24 servings

1 Box any brand chocolate cake mix
24 Keebler Ice Cream Cups

1. Follow instuctions on back of cake mix to make batter.
2. Wrap foil around cone base and place straight up in ungreased miffing

Fill Keebler Cones with 1/4 cup of cake batter(approx. 1/2 full). Do
not over fill the cone or it may bake over the sides.

Let batter settle

before placing cones in the oven.*
4. Place partially-filled cones in the oven and bake for 25-30 minutes at
5. Let cones cool completely befor topping.

Topping Suggestions:
Frosting or Whipped Cream
Ice cream and your favorite Keebler Cookie
For cones with less fill with ice cream for a surprise treat kids will

*Test one cake cone in the oven to determine how much to fill up the cones.