The TVP is something I want to try I am just finding it difficult to find it in Central Iowa - we live in a rural community of 250 households and it is a 25 -45 minute drive to any where. My main concern is that my husband and son eat like they are eating for two and that is fine although when you cut the meal cost often it means cutting the amounts. One of our old favorite meals is "poverty casserole" my kids grew up on this before my current husband and I were married- it was cheap and lasted forever.

1 pound of hamburger, cooked and drained - .89
elbow cooked and drained maracroni - didn't really matter how much - .59
1 can cream of chicken soup - .29
1 can cream of mushroom soup - .29
1 can of water
1 can of mixed vegetables - .59
If I had it seasoning salt and pepper

Combine and serve warm. Total cost $2.65 it would feed my family and some of the neighbor kids who always found themselves over for dinner. The prices are based on Aldi's prices.