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    Default Camping Tips-n-Tricks

    Great Breakfast Idea from Bonnie Jackman
    Date: 09 Aug 2001

    Before we leave on a trip I toast a package of English muffins (each cut in half ). Then at the campsite for breakfast we place
    a piece of cheese and a couple of slices of ham (luncheon meat) use round ones if possible. Wrap in foil and place on fire
    pit grate for about 5 minutes a side. Just to warm and melt cheese. It's always a hit and no clean up.

    Great Idea from Heather Lum:

    A few easy tips for the busy camper. You can purchase mayonnaise and margarine now in the squeeze containers, perfect utensil free additions to any cooler. Also for quick yummy coffee in the morning, get a French Press. All you have to do is boil water and pour into your fresh grounds you brought from home. Your hair is messy and your back hurts, but this makes it all worthwhile!

    Great Idea from Sybil Jones:

    For the "kitchen" I use one of those tackle box looking makeup cases that are popular with young girls, I got it when I was in high school
    and use it more now than ever!! salt, pepper, plastic ware plus all the long spoons and spatulas, everything fits in it, plus it has a built in
    mirror that is unbreakable!! P.S., don't forget the toothpicks!!

    Great idea from Eric Phillips

    Not really a recipe, but a suggestion. Crystal Light comes in little tubs that are perfect for camping, just empty the contents into an empty 2-liter bottle, fill with water, and shake. No measuring, no packets.

    Great idea from Lisa Price

    Most people tease me, but I've found the use of one gallon zip lock bags very handy when packing for a camping trip. I'll plan my meals, prepare the portions in advance - including everything from scrambling my eggs (just pour them out of the bag as needed) to
    measuring our pancake mix, and sealing lunch meats and various snacks, and then use the zip lock bags for everything. Not only are they much more efficient on space saving in an ice chest or camp box, but my meats get rave reviews from being marinated for a day or two
    before cooking - that way I can pack ahead a bit. They're also great for keeping things dry - like cameras and film, matches,
    books & magazines, etc. Another handy tip - I usually double bag my meats, potato/macaroni salads. Just in case they're too much for one seam to handle. Then if I find the need for the use of an emergency bag - like for a bathing suit or soiled laundry - I simply remove the outside layer - no digging for another box of zip lock bags

    PS: Don't forget to press or suck most of the air out of your bags - saves more room and keeps things nice and fresh.

    Well, got to run - packing for a 5 day Memorial Day Weekend campout - with about 50 people in attendance. Hmmmmmmmm.....wonder how many Zip Locks I'll need?


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    Default Campfire Popcorn

    In the center of an 18" x 18" square of heavy or doubled foil, place one teaspoon of oil & one teaspoon of popcorn. Bring foil corners together to make a pouch. Seal the edges by folding, but allow room for the popcorn to pop. Tie each pouch to a long stick with a string & hold the pouch over the hot coals. Shake constantly until all the corn has popped. Season with butter & salt.


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    Default Camping Hobos


    Submitted by: R Bender

    serves 2

    1 LB of ground beef
    1 small onion (optional)
    2 large potatoes
    4 carrots
    hamburger seasoning (optional)
    Aluminum foil
    (amounts do not need to be exact. This is just a guideline. It will depend on your tastes and how hungry you are!)

    1. Pull off 2 large pieces of aluminum foil and lay flat on your work surface
    2. Split the ground beef in half and place one one each piece of aluminum foil and flatten ground beef into patties
    3. Put seasonings on ground beef (salt, pepper and/or hamburger seasoning)
    4. Slice onion and put onion on top of ground beef.
    5. Clean potatoes and slice. Peel first if you so desire. Put potato slices on top of the onions (which is on top of the ground beef).
    6. Clean carrots and slice. Peel first if you so desire. Put carrot slices on top of potato slices.
    7. Bring up sides of aluminum foil and wrap contents so that everything is covered.
    8. Place on grill. The amount of time that it cooks will depend on how much you put in the aluminum foil and how well done you like your hamburger and potatoes. You will eventually want to pull the largest one off and check it. Potatoes and Carrots are done when a fork can go through them.



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