I thought I'd give you my perspective on husband & wives having separate accounts. I was married before and our money was together. The Ex always took money out without telling me, always "needing" more money than we discussed each should have each week. We were often overdrawn and hit with bounced check charges. He ran up our credit card with unneccessary charges. After struggling as a single parent, when I got married a second time, it was much easier for us to keep separate accounts. Besides, I didn't like his bank and he didn't like mine ;^)! We agreed that I would pay the regular household bills and DH would pay for taxes and the house insurance and contribute heavily to our retirement. If I ever needed money (like this month b/c of dental bills, eye appt & contacts), DH would give me money to help cover those. I can use the joint account into which our tax refund goes, but we save that for vacation. Since DH is cheap and I am frugal, we stay on budget.


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