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Jamn – The musician’s multi-tool
MiQ Limited
Genre: Music
Release Date: October 1, 2012

DISCOVERING MUSIC SIMPLICITY (Normally US$3.99 - Free this week only)

Learning visually is easier and faster. That's why Jamn was invented. Designed for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. An essential reference tool with many unique elements and visual concepts. Awesome for learning and understanding music.
Do you want to be the next rock legend? Or perhaps you dream to teach and share..
Well whatever it is your time is now! Jamn is a must have.

Touch, Spin, Swipe.

THE WHEEL: Displays Notes/ Chords/ Plays Audio/ Spin to Transpose/ Scale Patterns

INSTRUMENTS and TUNER: Swipe left and right

PULL-MENUS: InKey Chord-finder/ Scales/ Menu/ Tools, Settings, Info, Videos

SCALE TOGGLE: Grey round button. Three settings

TILT FEATURE: Rotate device displays guitar eHands. Awesome!

Displays many advanced scales for modern music, including chord types.
Harmonic/ Melodic/ 3 Blues scales/ 2 Jazz scales/ Exotics (Spanish, Chinese, Japanese).

- eHands PLUS
Displays over 150 chords for Guitar. Chord variation button shows alternative fingering. Use it to reveal Scale Variations too!


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