HouseParty: Apply to host a Fancy Feast Cat Loverís Gourmet Grilled Cheese

Must like cheese. Must love cats. Invite your cat-loving companions to join you for a gourmet buffet unlike anything theyíve ever experienced. Various grilled cheese sandwiches will serve as the centerpiece for this party ó where guests will taste, create and celebrate one of the things cats and people have in common: a love of cheese.
Your exclusive Party Pack will contain:
  • Party Booklet
  • Spatula and cat-shaped cookie cutter
  • Sandwich flags
  • An exclusive early sample of NEW Fancy Feastģ Delights With Cheddar, classic
  • Fancy Feastģ Delights With Cheddar, grilled
  • Coupons for free cans of Fancy Feastģ Delights With Cheddar cat food for guests
  • Bonus coupons
Ö and more!
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