Grownup S'mores
1-2-3 Dessert

Makes 4

8 Jules Destrooper Crisp Butter Wafers (from a 6.1-oz box)
1 bar (3.5 oz) Ghirardelli Intense Dark Citrus Sunset Chocolate
8 marshmallows

1. For each s'more, top 1 wafer with 2 squares of chocolate and 2

2. Microwave on high 10 to 12 seconds or just until marshmallows
start to puff up. Top with another wafer.

Enjoy warm.

Different takes

Substitute a bar of Ghirardelli Espresso Escape Chocolate for the
citrus bar.
Sprinkle English toffee bits on the chocolate before adding
Coarsely chop cooled s'mores and stir into your favorite ice cream.

Kelly in IL