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Genre: Games
Release Date: March 20, 2013

Join adrenaline junkies worldwide and be a part of Nitro's racing league. Get ready to test limits, break records, and be one of the top drivers with the hottest rides around! You'll compete to be among the elite, as you speed through thrilling tracks in stylish, highly upgradable and customizable cars! Challenge your Friends in Head-to-Head and Multiplayer races, enemies in the Rival Circuit, and your own track records in Time Trials!


- Race up to 5 live opponents in Real-Time Multiplayer!
- Challenge your Friends in Head-to-Head races!
- Test your skills and prepare for fierce competition in Time Trials!
- Compete in the Rival Circuit and go up against some of the top drivers in the Nitro world!
- Choose from a garage full of highly distinctive, stylized cars!
- Upgrade your car by building and installing parts, pushing your vehicle to peak performance!
- Customize the look of your cars with unique paint jobs and decals!
- Drift around tight turns and earn a bonus Speed Boost for skilled execution!
- Use Nitrous to boost your way through visually unique and challenging tracks!
- Collect cash and materials to purchase and upgrade your cars, paint jobs, and more!
- Earn XP to level up and unlock new content!


Nitro is entirely FREE-TO-PLAY! However, some items in-game can be purchased with real money.
An internet connection is required to play Nitro (WiFi Recommended).

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