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    Default MYO: Flower Drying Formula

    Flower Drying Formula
    10 C. white cornmeal
    3 c. borax

    Blend well. Pour some into a shallow container. Place flowers on mix, gently pour remaining mix over flowers.

    Let set for 2 weeks, and the dried flowers will last for years. Your #1 Penny Pinching Resource
    "Digging yourself out of debt when all you have is a spoon"

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    Default Re: MYO: Flower Drying Formula

    I have been drying flowers and herbs for years to use in homemade soap, facial creams and extracts. If you are planning to use the blooms for any topical use, skip the borax and just use the cornmeal.
    Another way to do this, especially if you do not care about retaining the exact color on a bloom, is to air dry it! For roses and herbs, I hang them from a wire clothes hanger using a clothespin and cover the blooms with cheesecloth or a fine netting, and put them in a closet with a fan running.
    For showpieces, I buy the fine grain silicate from the hobby store and place them in a Tupperware container.



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