25 ways to save money.

1. Shop end of season clearance for next years clothes. Why pay $35 for a nice outfit when you can get it for $6?

2. Shop yard sales and consignment stores. Buy in the next size or two if its available, its in good condition, and itís good deal. I hit a few nice yard sales this summer for my sonís winter stuff. The stuff was in like new condition and in the right sizes. As I look over his closet full of fall and winter clothing, Iím pretty sure I have less than $30 in it all.

3. Cook meals at home.

4. Cook extra servings and freeze for lunches.

5. Shop the grocery store sale ads. I try to shop the sales, buy more than I need at the time, and then supplement with other items.

6. Plan meals according to the sales. Why pay $4.99/lb for meat when you can get it for $2.25/lb? Shop for meats on sale, then freeze them for later.

7. Order water when eating out. This really adds up over time.

8. Use a coupon book when eating out. Many schools sell these coupon books at the beginning of the school year.

9. Raise the thermostat 2 degrees while youíre not at home. I do this everyday before I leave for work. Donít turn the thermostat completely off because it will only cost more to completely cool your house again.

This was a summer piece of advice...... ...just turn it around the other way now.....eh ?

10. Buy a used car instead of a new one. We learned this mistake early on in our marriage. The depreciation is awful! Unfortunately, we have made the mistake one more time and have paid dearly for it.

11. Comparison shop online. The internet is an awesome resource for comparing name brands and getting consumer ratings on products.

12. Try to buy open box appliances and technology items whenever possible. My husband and I try to buy our cameras and computers this way. The savings are amazing and you still get the regular full price warranty!

13. Shop year round for birthday and Christmas gifts. Tonight I was shopping the end of season clearance at JCPenney and picked up a pair of $22 shorts for my nephew for $2.50. Thatís almost 90% off!

14. Check ebay for deals. Recently, we needed a dehumidifier for our basement. My husband purchased a brand new, in the box dehumidifier on ebay. The dehumidifier retails for $250 and we got it for less than $100 (including shipping).

15. Buy used toys. I learned my lesson quickly on this one. I remember when my daughter was just 7 months old I went to the store and spent $20 on a toy I really thought she could use for walking. She spent less than 30 minutes playing with it. I was not happy. I began shopping yard sales and thrift stores for used toys. I could get the same toys for $2-$3. I just sanitize them when I bring them home.

16. Buy generic over name brand. I know that there are a few name brands that are better than generic, but for the most part they taste the same.

17. Use less dishwasher and laundry detergent than the package says to use. The soap really does go a long way.

18. Dilute your hand soap. I have found hand soap to be really rough on my hands. I dilute it with water because the squirt you get it usually way too much anyway.

19. Pack snacks for work and refrain from using vending machines. Pack some granola bars, bananas, yogurt, and other supplies. You can probably pack a dayís work of snacks for the price of 1 item from the machine.

20. Buy in bulk whenever possible. This is great for chicken nuggets, storage bags, snacks, etc. that you know you will use. Donít do this with items that you know will go bad before you can use them.

21. Find uses for foods before they go bad. Dehydrate fruits and vegetables for snacks or soups. Make old bread into croutons. I feed my old bananas, apples, and cereal to our rabbit. He definitely is rotten!

22. Brew your own coffee. Iím not a big coffee drinker, but I can imagine how much money you would save if you took a travel mug of coffee with you to work everyday rather than buying some from the machine or coffee shop on the way. (Time saver too.) This tip goes for soda also.

23. Make a list of errands for the week. Try to plan out your route to keep you from backtracking.

24. Switch to a credit union. I canít believe the money I am saving in fees every month since I am using my credit union again.

25. Switch your existing credit card balances to a card with a 0% interest. Make your payments on time to avoid fees. Donít be afraid to haggle with the credit card companies. If you have super credit, then you really have more room to shop around.