#1 open the blinds, curtains whatever - get the sunshine in the house

#2 plastic the windows, if you plastic and open the curtains much better
(*OPTION: when we first bought our house we had aluminum slider windows with 1/4 inch gaps - lousy in Maine winters -- I bought 1 inch thick styrofoamcut to fit the windows you can seam them together with duct tape ... these let light in, it sorta glows, since I worked and didn't get home til late leaving curtains open was not an option -- on day I got off I did pull the styrofoam for sunshine)

#3 lined curtains .. I'm not sure why they are so hard to find today .. 30 yrs ago lined curtains were always availiable

#4 slippers & slipper socks, if your feet are warm - you feel warmer .. at the end of the season I tend to buy a bunch for the next winter .. my kids will wear them as reg socks in the winter

#5 get the crockpot going, soups, chowders etc all tend to heat you up from the inside

#6 winter is the time to start using the oven ... plan your evening meals to use it - casseroles, pizza (we are making it at least once a week) .. bake bread (proof the yeast the night before and let it rise through the night, so you can start it in the morning)

#7 get active

#8 psychological warming ..

make a pot of cocoa and play cards or a game with the family

try something other than white walls - white walls are COLD looking .. I have a light peach, in the winter they look sunshine-y

living in Maine and loving it