I make pasta with beans and veggies.
It is a little different each time.
cooked beans
your choice of veggies (spinach, brocolli,
cauliflower, carrots, squashes, Kale, peas, whatever
combination you have)
Basically, I boil whatever kind of pasta. While that
is going on, I do the veggie part.
I saute an onion, and some veggies. This is a great
way to use up those little dibbles of frozen veggies
you may have in your freezer. I add whatever kind of
cooked beans we have, usually chick peas, sometimes
kidney beans. I usually add either a little spaghetti
sauce or some broth or soy milk, just enough to hold
it together.
Toss with the pasta. On a scale from 1-5, DH rates
this a 4 1/2 every time, no matter how I do it. My
personal favorite is chick peas and kale with extra

onion and soy milk to hold it together. If I have the
time, I chop the veggie part after getting it all
cooked with a food chopper. It mixes with the pasta better.

From: Amy S
Date: Thu Jun 20, 2002 2:27 am
Subject: Re: Budget101.com : Favorite Quick Meal