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Audiobooks HQ – 5402 High Quality Audiobooks by Inkstone Mobile
Inkstone Software, Inc.
Genre: Books
Release Date: December 10, 2012

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If you love to read but can't find the time, then this app is for you. Use your time commuting, doing housework, or exercising to catch up on the greatest books ever written. For a fraction of the price of a typical audiobook, Audiobooks HQ by Inkstone Mobile gives you 5402 audiobooks absolutely free.

“…this is kind of a no-brainer in my book, especially for fans of classic literature.” — Rick Broida, CNET

Listen to audiobooks anywhere. Just select a book, put in your earbuds, and you will instantly brighten your busy day. You'll look forward to that commute, workout, or even doing the dishes, knowing a good story awaits you.

Or listen to a good audiobook to wind down at the end of a busy day. Relax in bed and be transported to another place and time. Just set the sleep timer, close your eyes, and imagine the story as it unfolds before you.

Escape with the greatest stories ever told and discover authors and books you may never have encountered otherwise.

And you can do it without breaking the bank. Instead of paying $10, $20, or even $30 for an audiobook, with Inkstone Mobile's audiobook app over 5400 audiobook classics are yours entirely FREE.

With 5402 titles to choose from, you'll want to be discerning. They are narrated by volunteers, and quality varies, so we have made it easy to find the finest books in the catalog. Select a book from the carefully curated "Inkstone Recommends" section or find a new book using full text search and sophisticated filters, allowing you to easily locate books by most downloaded, top rated, genre, tag, language, duration, or solo reader.

All recordings in Audiobooks HQ are available in high-quality. Just turn on HQ downloads in settings and all your books will be downloaded in high-quality audio.

Have an exam to study for or learning a foreign language? Use the playback speed slider to select the perfect rate, with 40 micro-adjustments from half speed to 2.5X. Speed it up to cram for that Shakespeare exam or slow it down to practice listening to a new language.

Plus you get 4 special theatrical productions from Globe Radio Repertory, originally aired on NPR Playhouse, including Don Quixote de la Mancha, Madame Bovary, Dead Souls, and 16 Stories by Anton Chekhov.

Audiobooks HQ features:

• A huge selection of 5,402 free books to choose from--more than any other audiobook app!
• A sophisticated player with simple controls to skip forward and back, bookmark, or set a sleep timer.
• Controls to speed up or slow down the playback in 40 increments without altering the pitch.
• Easy search functions to discover the best books and readers. Find books by most downloaded, top rated, genres, tags, solo read books,and Inkstone’s top recommendations.
• Leave a note for yourself to come back to your favorite parts of the book with the bookmarks feature.
• Once you download your books you can listen on the go, anywhere, no network connection required
• Book details are always one tap away from the player screen.

Download Audiobooks by Inkstone Mobile now to make any activity enjoyable.

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