Service Businesses You Can Start for Free

House Sitter
There's no more tempting target for thieves than a clearly empty house. Even if a homeowner remembers to put a hold on their newspaper subscription and sets up timed lights that go on and off at night, it's easy to tell when no one is home. House sitters can provide a valuable service by making the house appear lived in. And, along with a fee for your services, this job can provide you with a roof over your head. There are people who spend long periods of time bouncing from house-sitting job to house-sitting job without spending any money on a home of their own.

Pet Sitter
Here is a job where a love of animals is key. Although many pet owners might take their dog or cat to a kennel while they go on vacation, it's always better for the animal if they remain in familiar surroundings. Pet sitters can either stay with the animal overnight or simply come to the house once or twice a day to feed the pet, walk them if necessary, and play with them for a short time

Professional Organizer
No matter how well meaning they may be, there are people in this world who do not possess a single organizational skill. And there are others who simply don?t have time to keep everything they own in order. A professional organizer can step in and take control of the situation. Do you enjoy designing filing systems? Do you look at a messy closet and consider it a challenge? Then this may be the business for you. While there are professional certifications you can get, this business requires no capital investment to get started. If you need experience, find a friend or two who needs your services and offer to organize an area of their home for free in exchange for their word-of-mouth referrals.

Move Coordinator
If you live in a particularly transient area, such as an area near a military base or a large city, this might be a good opportunity. Even though there are professional moving companies that can do the packing and shipping, there is lots of other work to be done before the packers arrive. Often it is difficult for the person moving to take care of it all without taking a serious chunk of time off work.

Personal Shopper/Errand Runner
Do you love to shop? Well, believe it or not, there are people who would rather have a tooth pulled than get anywhere near a mall. There are also people who are homebound, either because they are elderly or because they are ill, and they need someone to take care of errands like going to the dry cleaners, picking up groceries and shopping for cards and gifts. You can solve that problem by offering your services.

Babysitter/Daycare Provider
Taking care of other people's children during the day can be the best of all possible worlds if you want to be a stay-at-home mom or dad. If you have a small child or small children, your local jurisdiction will probably let you keep approximately five children during the day as an in-home childcare provider. This allows you to earn some money while you care for your own children, and provide more personal service to parents who have to work but are uncomfortable taking their kids to a larger daycare provider.

In-Home Chef
In this busy, fast food age, there are plenty of people who want healthy, wholesome,home-cooked meals but do not have the time or the energy to prepare them. If you are a talented chef, you can sell your services as an in-home chef. Wealthier families can afford to hire someone to cook for them every day, but a more viable business is to offer to come to someone's home one day a week, purchase their groceries, and cook and freeze enough meals to last the rest of the week. This is a more affordable option. You can also offer packages that allow the consumer to buy three days' worth of cooking or other amounts you would have to figure out what makes it worth your time and effort.