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Genre: Games
Release Date: October 31, 2012

Saddle up, partner! There’s a new gunslingin’ bounty hunter in town! Start open firin’ at them outlaws who get in your way to prove once and for all who runs this one horse town!
Based on the 1976 Atari classic, Outlaw™ features a heavy arsenal of weapons with tons of powerful add-ons and upgrades. Travel from town to town and annihilate corrupt sheriffs, banditos, ol’ miners and the like. Let your shootin’ do the talkin’ and show who lays down the law!

•Wild West locations from the High Sierra to Fort Beaver!
•Get free ammo and bonuses each day you play!
•Collect a variety of cool weapons from Buzz Sawyers to Tesla guns that shoot lightning bolts to improve your chances against old prospectors!
•Upgrade your weapons to increase power, accuracy, fire rate and more!
•Shake the screen to quickly reload your gun!
•Game Center integration to show off your skills with achievements and leaderboards

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