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    Default REC: Potato Scramble

    Potato Scramble
    Chop raw potatoes and simmer till just done. Drain water off and put in a
    frying pan with a little olive oil. Sprinkle a little salt, garlic powder
    and pepper to taste. Cook 'til nice and brown. Break some raw eggs over
    the top and scramble them in. How much you use depends on how many you
    are feeding (about two eggs per person).

    These recipes are fast, cheap, easy and tasty. Best of all they are
    satisfying. So remember your potato bin the next time you need to make a

    quick meal. You'll save yourself a bundle in time and money! Enjoy!

    Oh, and a note.. don't store your potatoes with apples or Onions, it will
    cause them to sprout Eyes

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