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    Default Homemade Snow Globes

    homemade snow globes
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    what you need:
    jars with tight-fitting lids (make sure the jars fit the figurines that have been selected.)

    plastic or ceramic christmas figurines (houses, animals, etc.) to fit in jars. (stay away from paper or wood, and use plastic or other moisture-resistant material.)

    oil-based enamel paint in holiday colors

    paint brushes

    mineral oil (to "thicken" the water and make the snow fall slower)


    clear-drying, waterproof epoxy

    distilled water

    glycerin (available at drugstores or groceries)

    white or silver glitter for "snow" (crushed eggshells also work well in a jar with mineraloil.)

    silicone sealant

    how to make
    1.Paint jar lids in holiday colors, using oil-based enamel. Let dry well.

    2.Sand inside of jar lids to roughen up the surface. Wipe clean with damp cloth.

    3.Use clear epoxy to adhere holiday figurines to the inside of the jar lid to create a holiday scene. Let dry.

    4.Fill jar nearly to the top with distilled water, and add a few pinches of white glitter for snow.

    5.Add a drop or two of glycerin to help snow swirl around and not fall too quickly. Be careful not to add too much glitter, or it will stick to the bottom of the jar when it is turned over.

    6.Carefully screw the lid on the jar. Shake up and enjoy.

    7.If you like the way it looks, take the lid back off and use silicone sealant on the lid before permanently reattaching it.

    A great place to find miniature trees and houses is in hobby shops that sell electric trains and doll houses. Also, look for holiday items in year-round Christmas shops. Another option is to use snow-globe kits from hobby stores.

    Snow globes are typically small, but using larger jars allows for larger, more dynamic Christmas scenes. Cut out and glue images to the outside of the jar on the back side of the figurine scene that is inside the jar to add depth and interest to it. Pictures of mountains with snow help create a perfect winter scene.

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    I make these with baby food jars, they have the small figurines at the dollar store and it turms out wonderful!!

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