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    Default Wedding Ideas : Chocolate Teaspoons

    Chocolate Teaspoons
    (and other molded chocolate candies)

    1 pound of dark or white chocolate confectionery coating (Merckens or Wilton wafers are recommended)

    Clear plastic spoon molds or mold of your choice

    Plastic spoon handles that fit your mold

    Small pink or red candy hearts (one for each spoon)

    Small cello bags

    Pretty ribbon

    Waxed paper or cotton dish towel.

    From Karen Doyle of Annapolis.

    Place confectionery coating in a glass bowl and heat in a microwave for 1 minute on medium-low and stir. Microwave for another 30 seconds on
    medium-low and stir until smooth. Continue to microwave and stir at 30-second intervals until smooth and completely melted.

    To keep the melted coating warm, and to retard hardening while working, keep the bowl of melted coating on a hostess warmer or electric skillet set on low. Fill the mold cavities with the melted confectionery coating using a teaspoon or a squeeze bottle. Lightly tap the bottom of the filled mold on a countertop to settle the coating and release any air bubbles. Place spoon handles in the mold. Chill the filled mold in the refrigerator or freezer until candy has set, about 5 to 10 minutes.

    When the underside of the candy mold appears frosted, unmold the candy. If there are any dark areas on the underside of the mold, it means some of the coating is still soft. Chill the mold for a few more minutes, until the entire mold has a frosted appearance. Unmold the candies onto a cotton dishtowel or waxed paper. Simply invert the mold about an inch above the surface; gently tap the mold and release your candies.

    Glue one candy heart with a dab of melted coating onto the center of each spoon. The finished spoon bowl may be wrapped in a small cello bag and tied
    with a pretty ribbon. Place smaller molded candies in tiny decorated gift boxes. Store them in airtight containers in a cool place until ready to use.

    Yields approximately 32 spoons depending on the size of your mold. There often are six spoons to one mold sheet.

    Note: All supplies can be found at a candy supply or craft store.

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